Speech Therapy

Compass Clinic is proud to offer our team of highly trained Speech-Language Pathologists to clients. We help people who are suffering from speech, language, and/or social issues. We happily provide an accurate assessment, speech therapy, diagnosis, and effective treatment to improve your quality of life. Our treatment helps you to mitigate the impact of these problems on your day-to-day living.

At Compass Clinic, every client is unique. Cookie-cutter approaches provide cookie-cutter solutions, and that’s not us. Instead, we rigorously assess and provide custom goal planning and treatment to our clients on an individual basis, and modify plans accordingly as treatment progresses. Our goal is to deliver incredibly high-quality speech therapy, and help as many of our clients as possible live more productive, fulfilling lives.

When should you consider speech therapy and language services?

Infant/Toddler – when:

  •       Your child doesn’t consistently respond to his/her name by 1 year of age
  •       Your child doesn’t use as many words as other children his/her age
  •       Other children have a difficult time understanding or communicating with your child

School-Age (Elementary to Youth) – when:

  •       It’s difficult for your child to make friends with others
  •       It’s difficult for others to understand your child
  •       Your child is unwilling to speak with their peers or anyone who is less familiar
  •       Past the age of 4, your child shows signs of common and debilitating stuttering
  •       Your child is has a difficult time understanding concepts
  •       Your child has a difficult time learning to read, spell, or complete writing activities

Adults – when:

  •       Recent brain trauma has led to the loss of speech, understanding, the ability to read, and/or write
  •       The adult has recently undergone a significant change in vocal quality and their ability to accurately pronounce common words

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