Emotion Focused Therapy

Compass Clinic is proud to offer Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), a short term, 8-20 session-long treatment plan that helps clients improve problematic emotional states or interpersonal relationships.

Emotion Focused Therapy is based on the premise that emotions are at the root of harmful personality traits, self-talk, or relationship problems. It’s an excellent form of therapy for both individuals, or couples (and/or families). Emotions contribute to our identities, helping us to understand who we are and share who we are with others, and can have a profound impact on the way that we think, feel, and solve problems.

Emotion Focused Therapy

Emotion Focused Therapy focuses on improving three metrics:

  1. Your awareness of your current emotional state
  2. Your emotional regulation and ability to self-balance
  3. How your emotions transform and change from moment-to-moment


Emotion Focused Therapy: Stages and Steps

EFT typically falls into 3 stages:

  1.  Phase One – the Assess and Deescalate Phase
  2.  Phase Two – the Change Events Phase
  3.  Phase Three – the Consolidation of Change Phase


In Phase One, the goal is to uncover the underlying emotional problem through detailed assessment, in-depth consultations, and through the demonstration of how different emotions impact a client’s problem solving ability.

In Phase Two, the focus is on replacing the negative emotions with new emotional experiences and learning to communicate these emotions more effectively.

In Phase Three, our therapists focus on the resolution of old emotional problems and the creation of a new, actionable plan for continued success outside of the clinical intervention

Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples

EFT can help couples understand themselves and their partner better, making it easier to interact positively with one another and improving the longevity of the relationship. Couples often learn tremendously helpful skills like how to de-escalate a conflict and how to keep arguments healthy and constructive. This helps couples build a strong foundation for deeper and more resilient emotional bonds, and improves the quality of the relationship for all parties involved.

Emotion Focused Therapy for Individuals

EFT is also a powerful way for individuals to improve their emotional state. Clients will learn about how to interact and share emotions with others in a healthy way. The main focus of this therapy will be on emotional learning and skill building.

The therapist will lead the individual through discussions and exercises aimed at enhancing their understanding of their own personal emotions and responses.

Emotion Focused Therapy for Families

Finally, EFT is an excellent method by which family members can feel more connected and improve the sense of belonging in their family. Oftentimes, deep-rooted emotional problems can eat away at familial health and place strain on relationships. EFT helps treat and ultimately prevent this, through educating each member of the family on their own emotions, how to understand the emotions of others, and how to communicate their emotions in a more helpful way.

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