Many individuals and families find it difficult to know where to start and how to navigate assessment and treatment options. Booking a consultation appointment with a Registered Psychologist at Compass Clinic can be a helpful first step to establishing a plan of supports. The psychologist can meet with you, your child, and/or other important supports to identify needs and provide recommendations to guide you. We welcome you to the best Vancouver Psychology Clinic.

What does consultation entail? How long do consultations take?

Consultation appointments are initially booked as a one-hour meeting with a Registered Psychologist. During the meeting, a plan for consultation is developed, which may involve further follow up. Consultation will involve reviewing your concerns and relevant collateral information (e.g., school records, previous assessments).

How much does a consultation cost?

Consultation is billed based on the time spent by the Registered Psychologist. This can be discussed in more detail during the consultation appointment.

Other types of consultation

Compass Clinic also has experience and expertise in providing consultation to:

  • Schools, Medical and Child/Youth Focused Organizations
  • Talks and Workshops for Professionals and Caregivers
  • Case-Specific Consultations


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