Giftedness Assessment

Giftedness is a term that is used to describe someone with an exceptional ability within a certain domain. At Compass Clinic, we can assess for intellectual giftedness, which refers to an intellectual ability significantly higher than average. Identifying intellectual giftedness can be is an important step in supporting school planning and developing strategies to meet unique learning needs. Although giftedness is not a diagnosis, the school district designates gifted students and identifying giftedness supports the school’s development of an Individual Education Plan. 

GIfted Assessment & Consultation

The assessment for giftedness is completed through a psych-educational assessment. Although giftedness is determined by evaluating cognitive functioning, it is important to assess how children are performing academically as well. By assessing academic skills, it is possible to see how a child is performing according to the potential suggested by their intellectual functioning. This is particularly important in planning for learning needs, as a child may require additional challenge in certain areas while also requiring more support in other areas.  It is quite common for gifted children to present with learning differences that can meet criteria for a learning disability. The diagnosis of gifted-learning disabled is also referred to as twice exceptional.

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