Executive Functioning Tutoring

The term “executive function” (EF) pertains to the part of the brain that acts as a manager to help orchestrate what the brain is to do, when it does it and how it works collaboratively. It is responsible for planning, organization, time management and the self-regulation of attention, emotion and behaviour. Many students struggle in school because of difficulties with EF. They tend to lose things, struggle to complete work and hand it in, and often have difficulties with written output.

How Can an Executive Function Tutor Help?

EF Tutors at Compass Clinic are supported and supervised by Registered Psychologists and can help students with homework planning and completion, study skills, organization, time management, written papers and motivation. EF tutoring support is individualized and uses a combination of behavioural and technological supports and strategies. Tutoring sessions can take place in-person, by phone or through on-line video conferences. The goal of Compass Clinic EF Tutoring is to promote independence in executive functioning for students of all ages and academic achievement levels.

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