Children with medical, physical, and developmental delays often have unique learning issues that can affect their schooling experiences and therapy. Book an appointment to know more about Psychometry in Vancouver.

Psychometry Assessment

Our resident Compass Clinic psychometrists provide comprehensive assessments as part of the Psychoeducational assessments to patients from the ages of 2 to 18. We help individuals to identify strengths & challenges and to develop learning strategies to assist them in being successful in both school and life.   

Psychometrists have specialized graduate-level training in the administration of standardized tests. They work in collaboration with Registered Psychologists to complete testing as part of assessments.

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The Compass Clinic Psychometrist offers the following psychometric services to our clients:


  • The screening of new clients from 2 to 5 years old with developmental issues
  • File review of previous reports to inform the current assessment
  • The observation of clients in natural environments such as home, daycare and school
  • The meeting with parents to discuss learning strategies and needs
  • The discussion of approaches to management of specific learning, developmental and behavioral disabilities in children
  • Acts as a liaison with the consulting Psychologist
  • Making referrals to other agencies
  • The promotion and assistance with School Advocacy
  • Community Consultation and Liaison

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