Career Counselling

Career counseling is designed to help with choosing, changing, or leaving a career. The goal of counselling is two-fold: (1) identify potential career options given your skills, interests and experiences and (2) devise a plan to help you reach your career-related goal. This service is available for individuals at any stage in life to support career related decisions.

What is the process of career counselling?

It looks different from other forms of counselling, as it is centered around the vocational development of one’s life. Other areas of your life are also considered and can be important factors in seeking counselling for your career. The first step, similar to other forms of counselling, is, to begin with, a one-on-one session to collect information about your work and education history, another relevant history, and current career-related needs and challenges. During the initial sessions, career assessment inventories are commonly used in this counselling to collect information about your interests, personality, and suitability for various careers. From these assessment measures, a list of careers suitable to your personality, interests, and experiences are generated. The career counsellor will present information about these careers so you can consider job availability and sustainability required training/education, and wages over time. With this information, the career counsellor will support you in devising a plan to reach your career-related goal.  If you would like to book an appointment or acquire more information, please send us a message or leave a voicemail at the phone number listed on the Contact Us page.

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