Group Counselling

As the name suggests, group counselling/therapy is where a small group of patients or families meet regularly with a therapist to improve group communication and foster growth. These groups are usually focused on education and better group cohesion. Besides that these groups help in improving psychological health in a social context. The group encourages members to discuss issues. They also offer helpful feedback to others with the guidance of the therapist. All personal information is confidential. At Compass Clinic, we have the best group counseling services in Vancouver.

What types of challenges are best suited for group therapy?

Many patients are reluctant to try group therapy in the beginning, usually due to social anxiety or reluctance to share personal details with others. Oftentimes, however, they quickly open up after experiencing the deep and profound support that other members can provide.

Also, group therapy is effective in a variety of mental health issues. From anxiety to depression, to compulsive disorders, and more, it helps. Many times, certain members with less social predispositions won’t want to share as much as others. If that describes you, it’s perfectly fine! Everybody is different, and their contributions to group therapy need not all be identical. You can gain (and provide) a significant amount of support just by being there and listening.

Lastly, many families find that group therapy offers them a significant amount of support. This lets them discuss issues they otherwise wouldn’t have in more private contexts, Besides that it allows them to “clear the air” and come to the root of familial issues quickly and effectively.

How long does the group therapy process take?

The process of group therapy depends on the group. Some sessions last an hour. Others can last two to three hours and feature various formats of presentation and support.

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