Louis-Philipe Lafleur – PHD, R. Psych

I am a bilingual (English/French) registered neuropsychologist in BC & Quebec. Before moving to Vancouver, I practiced at the rehabilitation center of the Raymond-Dewar Institute in Montreal, which is specialized in children with language and hearing impairments. I also worked with support groups for parents of children with attention difficulties, with or without ADHD. In my practice, I value a neurodevelopmental and behavioral approach, where psychological and emotional aspects, attachment, self-esteem, autonomy, and sense of competence are equally important to the optimal growth of each child.

I graduated from the University of Montreal with a Ph.D. in psychology, and neuropsychology orientation. I completed my clinical training in hospital settings with adults and the elderly, as well as with children with neurodevelopmental and psychiatric issues. This broad clinical spectrum has allowed me to develop a broad perspective on the continuity of human development.

Psychology Services for Children in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and beyond


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